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Welcome to byteKraft workshops – Powering Progress with AI

Led by the dynamic Kellie Bradley, a business growth leader with over four decades in marketing and business development experience, byteKraft workshops is a division of the BB Mikel Company and is dedicated to unlocking the potential of AI for professional growth.

Why byteKraft? 

At byteKraft, we're not just about theory. We're about transforming knowledge into action. Whether you're an individual, a growing business, or a dedicated non-profit, we tailor our training to empower you to harness the power of AI for enhanced business writing, innovative development strategies, and groundbreaking marketing solutions.

Kellie’s Journey with AI 

Initially skeptical, Kellie’s introduction to AI was through a groundbreaking, free-to-use language model in 2022. As the VP of a digital marketing company startup, she was required to master and mentor staff to use this technology.  Kellie not only embraced it but excelled, gaining certifications and crafting successful marketing campaigns across diverse industry sectors for the agency's clients. Today, she continues to adapt and evolve with the AI landscape, ensuring byteKraft remains relevant and informed.

Real Impact for Real Businesses 

From responding to complex RFPs and crafting persuasive grant applications to designing compelling video scripts and innovative advertising campaigns, Kellie’s use of AI has revolutionized client approaches to communication and marketing.

Join Us and Transform Your Approach 

Kellie now dedicates her time and expertise to teaching others how to harness AI in their daily operations, enhancing efficiency and creativity. Despite her busy schedule, she still personally engages with a select group of marketing clients, ensuring byteKraft’s solutions are battle-tested in the real world.

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